New flag football league coming to DC this Fall 2017: WAFFL! Flag Football

Posted Mon, May 15 by WAFFL.Commish from Washington, DC in Leagues to Join / 0 replies

  • League Profile: Washington Area Flag Football League

    Hello DMV area flag footballers!

    It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of the Washington Area Flag Football League (WAFFL) - DC's newest and most customer-oriented co-ed flag football league. As an avid flag football player for over 8 years, I quickly grew tired of the high costs, inconsistent fields, unqualified referees, and poor customer service offered by big, corporate social sports leagues. Instead, I decided to create my own non-profit flag football league of the players, by the players, and for the players.

    WAFFL's inaugural season is set to kick-off this Fall 2017 and specific dates will be finalized soon. WAFFL's seasons will include the following features:

    - 6 guaranteed regular season games and 2 rounds of playoff games per season
    - Fall, spring, and summer leagues are currently planned. A winter league is possible pending interest from enough teams
    - The league will be located in Cleveland Park, Washington DC at the National Cathedral School (NCS). All games will be played on beautiful synthetic turf fields
    - All games will be played on Saturdays from 1-3PM
    - No games will be played on any federal holiday weekends (Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc.)
    - No games will be played on inclement weather days
    - Before factoring-in any sponsorships, the league will be 16-30% CHEAPER than any other DC-area leagues' advertised prices
    - Better-trained and more dependable referees and administrative staff
    - Post-game drink and food specials at a nearby host bar
    - End of season parties with drink and food specials at the host bar
    - Similar rules/format as competitors' leagues, but with some competitive modifications (e.g. a gender scoring bonus)

    If you're interested in hearing more about WAFFL, or in joining our preliminary interest list, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly via email or Twitter with any questions or comments you may have. All interested captains will be invited to take a brief captain's survey to provide us feedback on certain components of the flag football league you'd like to see/not see included in our inaugural season.

    I look forward to playing with you all soon!

    Andrew Aldrian
    Founder/Commissioner, WAFFL
    Facebook: @playwaffl
    Twitter: @playwaffl
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