DC Thursday Night 7v7 Soccer Team Needs Players Soccer

Posted Wed, Mar 29 by Vance from Rockville, MD in Teams and Groups / 3 replies

  • We are starting a new 7v7 adult soccer team, men only (although I suppose women would be allowed to play too, if they wanted to compete against men), Thursday nights, 8:30 and 9:30 start times, on the CUA turf field in NE DC, near Brookland on the red line of the metro. We already have a keeper, so now we want a couple more field players. The first game is tomorrow night. Thank you.

  • Vance replied Thu, Apr 6

    Still looking for another player or two.
  • Vance replied Tue, Apr 18

    Looking for one more guy, preferably who played at the college level.
  • Vance replied Thu, May 25

    We are looking for a couple of guys for tonight.
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