Looking for 2 ladies for Friday night team in Bowie Softball

Posted Fri, Feb 10 by Angela from Bowie, MD in Teams and Groups / 7 replies

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    Looking for 2 EXPERIENCED Ladies for a competitive coed Slow Pitch softball team in Bowie - Friday nights starting in April.
    Looking for Outfielders and possibly 1st base.
    Let me know if interested
  • Asenee replied Mon, Feb 20

    I'm interested.
  • Leah replied Mon, Feb 20

    I'm interested in playing Email lealucbj@verizon.net
  • Jay replied Tue, Feb 21

    I play first and I'm interested
  • Ami replied Tue, Feb 21

    Still looking?
  • Jacqueline replied Wed, Feb 22

    im interested.
  • Angela replied Mon, Feb 27

    Still looking for players if interested
  • Ami replied Mon, Feb 27

    Keep me in mind if you ever need a sub. I live in Bowie.
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