Soccer Skills Clinics, Wednesday Nights, King Farm, Rockville Soccer

Posted Mon, Mar 6 by Vance from Rockville, MD in Teams and Groups / 9 replies

  • We will be offering a series of soccer skills clinics, Wednesday evenings, from 6:00 until 7:00, at Aberdeen and other fields close by, in North Potomac. The dates are March 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12, 19, 26, and May 3, 10, 17, and 24 (eleven weeks in all). This is open to all players, male or female, over 18, plus players under 18 if a parent or older sibling also signs up (and there is a bulk discount in signing up in groups). We have retained two outstanding soccer coaches to lead these sessions. This is open to serious soccer players who want to refine their skills, casual players looking to learn some new techniques, soccer moms who want to better be able to relate to their young soccer players, and even those who do not play soccer but just want a fun way to get fit in time for beach season. Even if you are not (yet) a soccer player, this is still a great work out, plus you will have fun, and make some new friends, while also getting some fresh air. Already playing for a team is not a requirement, and in fact this may be a way to get onto a team, as we will have representatives from teams from various local leagues in DC and Maryland. Players should bring a size 5 soccer ball, a water bottle, and shin guards, and should dress comfortably. It is $10 to drop in for any one session, or $45 for the full season (eleven sessions) if paid in full at the first session (or during the week leading up to it), but we also have bulk discounts if you join with more than one player.

    Many soccer players have bad memories of doing drills that involved all the players on the team forming one line, and then only the player at the front of the line actually partaking in the drill (be that trapping, passing, shooting, or whatever), while the other players just look on idly. We will not be running these sessions in this manner. Nobody will have his or her time wasted. This will be very hands-on, and all players will be active for pretty much the entire duration, other than when they want a water break. Nor will we be doing the types of drills that typically result in total chaos and more time spent chasing the soccer balls than actually training. We will focus on the types of drills that improve skills but do not require prior mastery of those skills to be performed. Players are free to offer suggestions as to the types of skills they would like to work on, and we will make every effort to accommodate these requests, but we will also be coming in with a default plan for each training session. For players who want to drop in every now and again rather than joining every session, we will facilitate your decision as to which sessions to attend by posting the skills we intend to work on each session:

    3/15 Basic Passing
    3/22 Dribbling and Shielding
    3/29 Trapping
    4/5 One-Touch Passing
    4/12 Running off the Ball
    4/19 Juggling
    4/26 Turning
    5/3 Fast Breaks
    5/10 Defending
    5/17 Scrimmage Critiqued
    5/24 Players' Choice!

    We hope you will join us. Thank you.

    Edit: We have moved these sessions to King Farm, Rockville, and after this set ends, we will be starting again on June 7. Come join us!
  • Vance replied Thu, Mar 9

    We start next week.
  • Vance replied Mon, Mar 13

    Obviously not going to happen this week if we are buried in snow, but after this week we would welcome a few more players to join us.
  • Vance replied Tue, Mar 14

    Tomorrow is snowed out. We begin next week.
  • Vance replied Tue, May 9

    We have moved these to King Farm, in Rockville.
  • Vance replied Tue, May 16

    We will be working on shooting tomorrow.
  • Nikola replied Tue, May 16

    Just saw this listing. I will be out with you guys next session as I would really love to learn how to play!
  • Vance replied Tue, May 16

    You can come tomorrow if you'd like?
  • Vance replied Thu, May 25

    We start up again June 7.
  • Vance replied Sat, May 27

    We resume June 7.
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