Sunday 11v11 Adult Co-Ed Soccer Team Seeks Players, 20878 Soccer

Posted Tue, May 2 by Vance from Rockville, MD in Teams and Groups / 5 replies

  • Our Sunday adult 11v11 co-ed soccer team seeks players over 18, both male and female, of any position (including keeper). We play Sunday afternoons on the Lakelands turf field. Like other turf fields, this one drains well, and so we can play in the rain (compare to grass fields that often get closed when it rains). Unlike other turf fields, this one is an eco-friendly synthetic turf field with unique properties due to its organic infill of rice husks, coconut fiber, and cork, natural materials not implicated in health concerns raised with artificial turf fields using black rubber infill. No rubber crumbs all over you after the game, and no concern about increasing cancer risk.

    Players are welcome to just play when they can and pay by the game, if that works better for them. However, players get a much better deal if they instead join for the full season. If interested, then please send a message to that effect DIRECTLY TO MY GMAIL. It would help if you could also give some indication of your soccer background in that message. Thank you.
  • Vance replied Tue, May 9

    Two weeks left in the current season, May 14 and May 21. Then off for Memorial Day, and then the Summer Season starts June 4.
  • Vance replied Tue, May 16

    Looks like great weather for Sunday!
  • David replied Thu, May 18

  • Moshe replied Sun, May 21

  • Vance replied Fri, Jul 21

    When should we expect to see you on the field?
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